USB 2.0 - RJ45 コンソール ロールオーバー フラット ケーブル
USB 2.0 - RJ45 コンソール ロールオーバー フラット ケーブル
USB 2.0 - RJ45 コンソール ロールオーバー フラット ケーブル
USB 2.0 - RJ45 コンソール ロールオーバー フラット ケーブル
USB 2.0 - RJ45 コンソール ロールオーバー フラット ケーブル
USB 2.0 - RJ45 コンソール ロールオーバー フラット ケーブル

USB 2.0 - RJ45 コンソール ロールオーバー フラット ケーブル

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SKU: Y-SP02001B

この USB 2.0 アダプタは、Cisco 標準のシリアル コンソールに直接接続するのに便利で、RS232 (DB-25/DB-9) シリアル ポート アダプタ ケーブルの交換に最適です。


Designed for debugging and configuring network equipment, connecting to the console port on a modem, router, server, switch or other Serial based devices, from your PC and laptop directly over the USB2.0 specification. Note: This is not a USB Ethernet cable.

Integrated with FTDI-FT232 chip handles the USB signaling and protocol functions including an RS-232 level shifter, and with high compatibility and stability.

Support hardware handshaking and software flow control including CTS/ RTS/ XON/ XOFF.

Full support for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Flat cable design, helpful on the installation which aiming for an indiscernible and harmonious purpose, or for convenient storage purpose.

Made with 26AWG bare copper conductors, offers higher efficiency with lesser electrical resistance, gold-plated shielded RJ45 connector against EMI and other interferences, and gold-plated contacts help boost up the efficiency of data transmission.

With ESD protection system, occurs automatically when a charge is exchanged between two devices of unequal charge potential.

Notice: This product comes with a driver installation. Please download the drive at during the first time use.

Colour Black
Dimension Cable Outside Diameter (OD): 9mm x 2.5mm
Materials Connectors with Gold-Plated Contacts & 3μ Shielding
PVC Flat Cable Jacket
26AWG Bare Copper Conductors
Chip FTDI-FT232
Upstream USB
Downstream RJ45 (8P8C)
Power Input N/A
Power Output N/A
Cable Length 180cm



1 x USB 2.0 Console Rollover Flat Cable





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Some function stopped working after updating to Windows 11. What can I do?

Please download the latest driver of this product. Reinstall the driver again ( and if it still doesn't work, contact us via

Is there any driver that I need to install?

Usually, the driver is built into the Windows/MacOS and do not need to install manually. However, occasionally, the driver may not properly load at the first time you plug in the adapter. The other occasion is when Windows/MacOS updates, it has caused the driver to load improperly. In this case, you are advised to install the driver again manually.

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