MagMighty TRI 3-in-1 分割可能磁気ワイヤレス充電スタンド
MagMighty TRI 3-in-1 分割可能磁気ワイヤレス充電スタンド
MagMighty TRI 3-in-1 分割可能磁気ワイヤレス充電スタンド
MagMighty TRI 3-in-1 分割可能磁気ワイヤレス充電スタンド
MagMighty TRI 3-in-1 分割可能磁気ワイヤレス充電スタンド

MagMighty TRI 3-in-1 分割可能磁気ワイヤレス充電スタンド

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SKU: P1212A
  • ワイヤレス磁気充電スタンド
  • スマートフォン、時計、イヤホン用
  • 分割して使い分ける
このスタンドには、MagSafe iPhone やその他のスマートフォンを保持するための磁気技術が装備されています。 USB-c ケーブルとアダプター (別途購入が必要) を接続するだけで、スマートフォン、時計、イヤホンをワイヤレスで充電できます。
Products Features

•    This wireless charging stand can be divided into 3 pieces and can be separated for smartphones and watches to use as a magnetic charging pad. Fits your needs for any convenience.
•    Dividable design Smartphone charging up to 15W depending on the phone model.
•    Smartwatch (with watch-OS) 33% faster charging up to 5W, depending on the watch model.
•    Earbuds charging up to 2.5W depending on the earbuds model.
•    Qi 1.2 wireless charging specification supported.
•    USB Power Delivery 3.0 power in/out specification supported.
Note: Does Not support other OS smartwatches.

Colour Black & Silver
Dimension 175mm x 75mm x 126.7mm
Materials ABS 
Upstream USB-C
Downstream •    Smartphone Magnetic Pad
•    Watch-OS smartwatch Magnetic Pad
•    Earbuds Wireless Charging Pad
Input 12V3A/ 9V3A/ 5V3A
Output Smartphone: up to 15W
Watch-OS smartwatch: up to 5W
Earbuds: up to 2.5W
Cable Length of Attached Cable N/A
Packaging Content 1 x MagMighty TRI
1 x USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable
1 x User Manual
User Manual
Suggestions for use

For a secure charging experience, please ensure the strap is fastened to prevent any slipping when using our product to charge your watch.





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Dividable Magnetic-Charging Design

Simple to make your essentials get attached and powered anytime, give you convenience in every snap.

Magnetic Design for Wireless Charging
Perfect Match To Your Essentials

Premium finishes combining metallic-bold design and floating-like experience, give you an extravagant edge.

Speed-Wireless Power Boost

Wireless fast charging up to 15W and USB-PD/QC3.0/Qi supported.

Thoughtful Details Makes Perfect

Multi-Protection against Short-Circuit, Over-Heat and more

Desktop Organizer

User friendly design that can organize your desktop