UNITEK Global Announces A New Brand Identity


Pushing User Experience to a New Frontier 

Hong Kong, May 28, 2019 

Unitek International Group Limited, a worldwide professional and quality computer and mobile accessories manufacturer, today unveiled its brand new identity, and committed that they will focus on working consistently with the company’s philosophy - ‘Human Friendly’, in a bid to enrich the living experience of the global users. 

The new brand identity of UNITEK integrates the two major colors red and white across the brand new logo, the simple and clean style packaging of all product lines, a website with revamped structure and all the visual elements. The logo uses Rubik as the typography and added the element of roundness, while the initial letter ‘U’ reminds people about the bright smile, giving a lively image to the mass public. Combining the key message of ‘Human Friendly’, the new brand identity reflects UNITEK’s aspiration to let people be people by creating ergonomic and mindful products that surpass people’s expectation. 

Mr. Ronald Law, Sales and Marketing Director of UNITEK, stated ’Our presence has continued to expand internationally like never before, now to more than 30 countries, including the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, etc. To blend in the company’s future development and deliver a considerate and human-factor brand experience, we are planning to launch a new brand identity combining the philosophy of “Human Friendly”, aiming at bringing a meaningful and tasteful living experience for our users.’ 

‘Our team will focus on six core values which validate the promise of the human-friendly approach, ranging from Humanly, Accessible, Innovative, Helpful, Mindful to Friendly.’ Mr. Law believes that this revolutionary cogitation can earn advantages from the hyper-competitive consumer electronic industry by strengthening business development, guaranteeing satisfaction from the consumers, and attaining a win-win situation with partners. 

UNITEK is going to apply the new logo and style on the website, as a demonstration of the new concept to the global users. By the second half year in 2019, the new packaging will be continuously rolled out to the global market. Please stay tuned. 

Company Website: https://www.unitek-products.com 


UNITEK is a professional computer and mobile accessories brand established in Hong Kong since 2006. Being one of the top consumer electronic and accessories brands in Asia, UNITEK is expanding globally and has established sales channel in more than 30 countries around the world. UNITEK aims to build new tech products to cover the many dimensions of human experience, and strive to make the world more friendly each day.

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